Narrative Features *in competition

The American Black Film Festival continues to provide a platform for aspiring creatives in film. The competitors in this category will compete for the Grand Jury Awards for Best Director, sponsored by Cadillac (Prize: $25,000) and Best Narrative Feature, sponsored by Prudential Financial (Prize: $5,000).


100 min World Premiere

FRI 6/16 | 6:00 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

SAT 6/17 | 7:00 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

movie still

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows the downfall of Rome’s most honored citizen, Marcus Brutus, as he conspires to assassinate Julius Caesar.

Director: Devin E. Haqq | Writer: William Shakespeare (adapted by Devin E. Haqq) | Producer: Josh Wick, Devin E. Haqq, Brandt Adams, George Lyon, Tony Grocki | Cast: Nathan Darrow, Peter McRobbie, Kathleen Chalfant, Billy Eugene Jones, Carra Patterson, Pernell Walker


102 min World Premiere

THU 6/15 | 9:40 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

SAT 6/17 | 4:00 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

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Bruce is an asshole. He’s shitty to everyone, until he falls hopelessly in love and is forced to grow the fuck up…in his thirties.

Director: Eden Marryshow | Writer: Eden Marryshow, Jesse Marryshow | Exec Producer: Gene Pope, Sasha Lewis, and Eden Marryshow | Producer: Sasha Lewis, Cesa Pledger, and Eden Marryshow | Cast: Eden Marryshow, Jason Tottenham, Mlè Chester, Cesa Pledger


86 min World Premiere

THU 6/15 | 1:15 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

SAT 6/17 | 1:00 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

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Jaleel finally has enough cash saved up to leave Oakland and avoid the violent fate of his father, along with so many of his peers. When a friend promises to triple those savings, Jaleel goes against his better judgment and says yes. The added money will let Jaleel realize his goal of opening a gym in the new town—a dream inspired by his father.

Director: Diaunte Thompson | Writer: Arthur Walls | Exec Producer: Marshawn Lynch | Producer: Arthur Walls, Michael Revolvalcke, Diaunte Thompson, Arthur Walls, Lathan Hodge | Cast: David A. Green, Robert D. Jordan, JaMaurae Birden, Tina Gilton


92 min World Premiere

THU 6/15 | 6:45 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

SAT 6/17 | 10:00 PM | LOEWS HOTEL

movie still

Journalist Brea and her boyfriend John are off for a romantic weekend in the mountains. On their way up the coast they stop in a small town and are accosted a group of men on motorcycles. Barely avoiding a fight, Brea and John continue on their trip, unaware that they have inadvertently come into possession of a cell phone…a cell phone that the bikers are desperate to retrieve. Now, alone in the mountains in an isolated rental home, Brea and John must defend themselves against the bikers who will stop at nothing to get the phone, destroy the evidence it holds and kill anyone who would tell their story.

Writer and Director: Deon Taylor | Producer: Roxanne Avent, Paula Patton, Dean Taylor | Cast: Paula Patton, Omar Epps, Luke Gross, Laz Alonso