New Voices

A Little Closure

USA | 12 min

A man returns from the afterlife to find closure with his fiancé and the only person who can help him is his best friend.

Director: Xavier Burgin | Writer: Xavier Burgin | Producers: Jenna Cavelle, Woody McClain, Keith Powers | Cast: Woody McClain, Keith Powers, Nesta Cooper, Deloor James, Tymon Jont’e Jones


USA | 14 min

Billie Thomas is a lonely teenage artist with down syndrome. Longing for a friend she finds one in an unlikely person.

Director: Nina Lee | Writer: Nina Lee | Producers: LeMicah Levert, Nathan Edwards | Cast: Marshawn Lynch, Taylor Freeman, Nina Lee, Cornell Owens, Kylen Davis


UK | 14 min

Following a recent loss, BOY struggles to adapt to his new family dynamics. After running away, BOY is met by YOUNG MAN who takes him under his wing. BOY is reacquainted with a life he once knew as he sets off on a journey to both forget and remember.

Director: Antony Acheampong | Writer: Antony Acheampong | Producers: Antony Acheampong, Bernard Kordieh, Dax Gage | Cast: Sifanele Sityi, Sihle Mnqwazana, Yule Masiteng

Cherry Lemonade

USA | 11 min

On a hot summer day in a lower-income neighborhood, a black girl learns to take the lead on her own terms.

Director: Aisha Ford | Writer: Aisha Ford | Producers: Jane Hare, Katie Pyne, Nadine Nadoo, Tema L. Staig, Allison Vanore, Jeff Vespa, Annika Hylmo, Uzma Xina Kang | Cast: Eris Baker, Skylan Brooks, Chance Harlem Jr, Alexander Jones III, Skyler Priest


CANADA | 14:08 min | US PREMIERE

Fed up with being cooped up in the house, frustrated millennial twins discover that activism on the streets is very different from what they’ve seen on their screens.

Directors: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Araya Mengesha | Writers: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Araya Mengesha | Producers: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Araya Mengesha, J Stevens | Cast: Araya Mengesha, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Karen Robinson, Anand Rajaram

Descended from The Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street

USA | 23 min

If the Tulsa Race Massacre had never happened, would Black Wall Street have influenced the entire nation?

Director: Nailah Jefferson | Producers: Michelle Budnick (Producer); Laurens Grant (Consulting Producer); Vashni Korin (Associate Producer); Amber Handy (Associate Producer); Nick Stuart (Executive Producer); CarolAnne Dolan (Executive Producer) | Cast: Michelle Blocker, Jacqueline Blocker, Byron Crenshaw

Family Time


A career woman with a family wonders what she must give up to have it all.

Director: Zoe Stewart | Writers: Louisa Brown, Zoe Stewart | Producer: Diana Ward, Bonnie Mbuli | Cast: Bonnie Mbuli, Sobantu Nqayi, Shadha Kae-Kazim, Jezriel Skei


USA | 17 min

Nurse Indigo needs shift coverage to attend a steamy weekend. How far will she go to achieve the much needed work-life balance?

Directors: Ingred Prince, Tshay | Writer: Ingred Prince | Producers: Aizhaneya Carter, Sydney Rodriguez, Kai Kornegay | Cast: Saran Bakari, Imani Prince, Shanel James, Patrick Bean, Hasheem Brin


USA | 10:41 min

A woman attempts to immortalize her dying grandfather using virtual reality technology, but her obsession with documenting drives a wedge between them.

Director: Jahmil Eady | Writer: Jahmil Eady | Producer: Selena Leoni | Cast: Maxine Goynes, Haskell V. Anderson III


USA | 12:29 min | WORLD PREMIERE

As a couple prepares to move out of their home and part ways, an unexpected occurrence forces them to confront the loss of their son and the grief that they feel, in dramatically different ways.

Director: Diante Singley | Writer: Mary Ann Anane | Producers: Greta Hagen-Richardson , Lauren Lopez de Victoria , Tabatha Laanui | Cast: Brendon Daniels , Quanita Adams


USA | 14 min

A Black family strive to shield their rural Vermont home from the gaze of the spirits that surround it.

Director: Annalise Lockhart | Writer: Annalise Lockhart | Producers: Zachary Shedd, Annalise Lockhart | Cast: Victoria Villier, Ron Brice, DeLeon Dallas

It’s Snowing in the Summer

USA | 10 min

A thirtieth birthday forces two friends to wrestle with differing realities of the Black Harlem experience

Directors: Gladimir Gelin, Ra A. Hearne, Anthony Gaskins | Writer: Ra A. Hearne | Producers: Anthony Gaskins, Ra A. Hearne, Ray Dorcely Jr., Olaniyi Akerele | Cast: Abiodun Oyewole, Nick Creegan, Anthony Gaskins

Last Summer on Bainbridge Street

USA | 11:45 min

Tyshawn, an Afro-Caribbean pre-teen living in Bed-Stuy, has to confront change in his neighborhood after his father is arrested.

Director: Jessica Q. Moore | Writer: Jessica Q. Moore | Producers: Jessica Q. Moore, John Patrick Hayden, Maggie Kamal | Cast: Felix Alexis, Patricia Reed, Carl Ellis Grant, Sylvain Panet-Raymond, Megan Smith

Luv U Cuz

USA | 15 min

Set in a not-too-distant future, two cousins bond over the course of a night on the town, until their relationship is tested in more ways than one.

Director: Eric Pumphrey | Writer: Eric Pumphrey | Producers: Tommy Savas, Jarrett Pumphrey, Ryan Sohmer | Cast: Donzell Lewis, Eric Pumphrey, Rosalyn Sidewater, James Edward Shippy, Tommy Savas

Mum, Me

UK | 11:26 min

Mother and daughter form an everlasting bond through a daily hair routine

Director: Monique Needham | Writer: Monique Needham | Producers: Laurelle Jones, Monique Needham | Cast: Adi Alfa, Elisha Blake, Destynee Udenze-Conteh, Busayo Ige

Not Just A Name


Not Just a Name explores the stigma and racial bias experienced by African Americans with unique-sounding names as well as the historical origin of those names.

Director: De’Onna Young-Stephens | Writer: De’Onna Young-Stephens | Producer: Madeline Gamero | Cast: Shiquita Williams, Fulani Bahati, Mocha, Naauh’Mocquaii Robinson-Jones

Patriot Day

USA | 14 min

As tragedy strikes down the street in Washington DC on 9/11/2001, 11 year old, stoic Jamila navigates her pre-teenage life and waits for her mom to come home from the Pentagon so that they can celebrate her birthday.

Director: Nailah Robinson | Writer: Nailah Robinson | Producers: Nicole Magabo, Christina Jobe, The London Film School | Cast: Kaylin Ali, Zsa Zsa Hopkins, Marcellus Shepard, Jacqueline O’Day, Stephanie Parker


UK | 16 min | US PREMIERE

A mixed race teenager learns that his identity is more than just skin deep.

Director: Michael Jenkins | Writer: Michael Jenkins | Producer: Bex Rose | Cast: Ajani Cabey, Shaun Clarke, Nadia Williams, Laura Bayston


USA | 14 min

Two cousins must retrieve a criminal’s weapon hidden in a diner full of patrons and two cops.

Director: Frantzy Moreau | Writer: Frantzy Moreau | Producers: Frantzy Moreau, Myriam Germain, Randall Batinkoff, Eric Mabius | Cast: Isaac Beverly, Frantzy Moreau, Jerry Madion Jr., Nick Puya, Gley Viera, Nadia Adelay, Emmett Hunter, Michael Bradway, Timothy Gray, Regina Hopkins-Hodges



A young, bored housewife tries to find companionship on a food delivery app to the utter dismay of her loving yet aloof husband.

Director: Grasie Mercedes | Writer: Grasie Mercedes | Producers: Shaun Clay, Matthew Law, Grasie Mercedes | Cast: Ashley Porter, Shaun Clay, Kenton Chen


USA | 22:48 min

A 1950s mother struggles with the stigma of being single and feeling unworthy of true love.

Director: Yvette Pabon | Writer: Yvette Pabon | Producers: Yvette Pabon, Narci Regina, Lenny Thomas, Julie Stackhouse | Cast: Narci Regina, Lenny Thomas, Leland Taylor, Ameerah Briggs, Kisha Barr

Risk Factor

USA | 24:39 min

The birthing experiences of three Black women tell the story of the devastating impact racism has had on the on-going Black infant mortality crisis in the United States.

Director: Barento Taha | Writer: Barento Taha | Producer: Barento Taha | Cast: Yolanda Lucas, Cheryl Martin, Sam Pierce, Christin Farmer, Jessica Roach, Dr. Arthur James, Dr. Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, Brie Zeltner, Dorian Wingard


USA | 20 min

A single mother of 4 struggles to maintain the household amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Director: Robert Boyd | Writers: Karimah Cannon, Robert Boyd | Producer: Robert Boyd | Cast: Karimah Cannon, Kalen Parrott

Tati the Great

USA | 15:53 min

Atatiana Jefferson was murdered by a Fort Worth Police officer while playing video games in her home with her nephew.

Director: Kelly Gray Bobino | Writer: Kelly Gray Bobino | Producer: Kelly Gray Bobino | Cast: Opal Lee, James Smith

Teenage Fever


With L.A. as its backdrop, Teenage Fever explores the toxic lifestyle of a group of friends the summer after their senior year of high school.

Director: The Shenanigans | Writer: Chad Quinn | Producers: Fresh Carreras, Yolande Geralds | Cast: Kaash Paige, Mason Guccione, Phoenix Jakob, Steven Moses

The Big Shave 2.0

GHANA | 7 min

In the process of shaving, a young man reflects on how he is viewed by society.

Directors: Chad “Cutty” Quinn, Kobina deGraft Johnson | Writer: Chad “Cutty” Quinn | Producers: Chad “Cutty” Quinn, Drop 80 Productions, Anibok Studios | Cast: Mc Jay, Bismark Ansah

The Last Days

UK | 13 min

In a near-future world where you can discover your Death Day, an apolitical woman learns that she and many Black people have been given incorrect dates and seeks justice before her time runs out – that same day.

Director: Dipo Baruwa-Etti | Writer: Dipo Baruwa-Etti | Producer: Katie Sinclair | Cast: Adjoa Andoh, Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn

The Little Death

USA | 18 min

A doting young married couple riding the emotional wave of infertility & miscarriage.

Director: Justin Harrison | Writer: Ariel Harrison | Producers: Monique Coleman, Ariel Harrison, Justin Harrison | Cast: Monique Coleman, Princeton James, Judi Gray, Kimberly Baker, Kenon Walker, Harlee Lowder, Verna Aldridge

The Untold Story of Mild Sauce

USA | 13 min

From shady record execs, rival groups and bitter infighting, follow the meteoric rise of a 90’s R&B group told through a music exposé.

Director: Anton Deshawn | Writers: Anton Deshawn, Johnathan Craig | Producers: Rahim Branch, Dashawna Wright, Troy Pryor, Tamara M. Sibley | Cast: Brian Keys, Jalen Gilbert, Vonzell Scott, Michael Adkins, Vincent Jordan

Things at Rest

USA | 14:25 min

Things At Rest is a celebratory reimagining of the black aesthetic inspired by matriarchs of classic African-American literature.

Director: Desirae Lee | Writer: Desirae Lee | Producer: C.A. Barrow


USA | 18:29 min

A “New Age” Romance.

Directors: Damion Omar Lee, Damon Diddit | Writers: Robert Lee Humphery, Damion Omar Lee | Producers: Damon Diddit, Magda Alliancin, Robert Lee Humphery, Damion Omar Lee | Cast: Robert Lee Humphery, Jesslyn Blue, Candace Haynes, Damion Omar Lee

When the Tar Leaks Red

UK | 5 min

As Lamia sleeps at night, her subconscious once again comes to haunt her.

Director: Dominic Stewart | Writer: Dominic Stewart | Producer: Dominic Stewart | Cast: Racquel Stewart, Celia Learmonth



Ensuing their father’s abandonment, two young brothers quarrel for control over their farm. Little do they know, there is a looming wolf in the woods.

Director: Travae Davis | Writer: Travae Davis | Producer: Rose Hoover | Cast: Trevor Jackson, Nolan Howard

Wouldn’t Mean Nuthin’

USA | 18 min

An apathetic poet fixated on his writer’s block is dragged out on an eventful blind date, which is highlighted by a suprise run in with the love of his life.

Director: Mack Wilds | Writer: Mack Wilds | Producers: Greg Cally, Guyviaud Joseph | Cast: Tristan Mack wilds, Shannon Thornton, DeShawn White, Joshua Neal, Shakia Dixon