Web Series

A competitive section for short-form episodic television directed by or produced and written by persons of African descent. Each series in this section will compete for the Jury Award for Best Web Series (presented by Comcast NBCUniversal, $2,500 cash prize). The following are the 2022 official selections in the Web Series category:

Bourn Kind: The Tiny Kindness Project

USA | 12 min

A Black/Jewish artist creates a project of kindness to celebrate connection in his community.

Director: Rachel Myers | Writer: Rachel Myers | Producer: Tamika Lamison, Connie Jo Sechrist, Rachel Myers | Cast: Bourn Rich


USA | 7:30 min

The zany misadventures of two sisters navigating the ups and downs of life, as artists, in the wild and unpredictable streets of La La Land.

Director: Kimberly Dooley | Writer: Kimberly Dooley | Producer: Kimberly Dooley | Cast: Kimberly Dooley, Dayna Dooley

I am Mara

USA | 14:33 min | WORLD PREMIERE

Striving to break free from a life of espionage, murder and destructive family ties, Mara sets out to fabricate a new life for herself, but soon realizes the truth will always reveal itself and all sins must be atoned for.

Directors: Cody Duncum, Demetrius Feaster | Writers: Candace West, Clarinda D’Cruze | Producer: Candace West, Demetrius Feaster, Clarinda D’Cruze | Cast: Candace Kirstin West, Keith Elgin Douglas, Alek President, Jose Navarro, Virginia Elliot, David Chin

Jonathan’s World


Boy genius sips magical potion causing him to obtain enhanced capabilities.

Director: Tyler D. Lambert | Writer: Tyler D. Lambert | Producer: Tyler D. Lambert | Cast: Tyler D. Lambert

Last Name Unknown


Beyond Hope Youth Shelter’s homeless youth beat the odds, and find their place in society.

Director: Dui Jarrod | Writer: Dui Jarrod | Producers: Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Dui Jarrod, Chris Hicks, David Blackman | Cast: Chakeefe Gordon, Erika Norrell, Braxton Jordan, Lindsey G. Smith

Layered, “Stalker”

USA | 12:57 min | WORLD PREMIERE

A series following three black women from Philadelphia, two of them Muslim, trying to break into the media industry while being met with challenges in mental health, faith, and loss due to gun violence.

Director: Zareefa Abdul-Adl | Writers: Arraiyan DuBose, Aiko Brown, Zareefa Abdul-Adl | Producers: Aiko Brown, Arraiyan DuBose, Zareefa Abdul-Adl | Cast: Merceedes White, LaPorscha Rodgers, Aisha Saran

Little Lawyer


A six-year-old girl with aspirations of being an attorney puts her little brother on trial after she discovers her toy is inoperative.

Director: Sam Buckner III | Writer: Sam Buckner III | Producers: Sam Buckner, Samantha O. Buckner | Cast: Sophia Dejesus, London Sinead, Wyatt Hinz, Ayani Tamar, Brandon. L Ward, Alex Jackson


USA | 12:30 min

When the sudden disappearance of water — their main life source — threatens to upend a vibrant utopia, an intrepid teen named Blaze must save their community before it’s too late.

Directors: Randall Dottin, Luisa Dantas | Writers: Randall Dottin, Angela Tucker, Paige Wood, Luisa Dantas, Rise-Home Stories Project | Producers: Randall Dottin, Angela Tucker, Paige Wood, Luisa Dantas, Rise-Home Stories Project, Anna Lee, Russell Hornsby | Cast: Russell Hornsby, Denny Dillon, Imani Russell, Kaya Fraites, Sunni Patterson

The Green Couch (Ep. 2)

USA | 14:08 min | WORLD PREMIERE

Psychologist Dr. Rhemington Lee engages patients in an unwitting experiment of truth as each convene on The Green Couch.

Director: Mirlande Amazan | Writer: Mirlande Amazan | Producer: Mirlande Amazan | Cast: Mirlande Amazan, Antuone Torbert; narrated by Gordon Greene

The Whippersnappers


OG, Big Mama and Foegy, aka “The Oldheads,” growing tired of the same routine, decide to use technology to become younger.

Director: Ryan Cole | Writer: Ryan Cole | Producer: Ryan Cole | Cast: Ryan Cole