Black & Unlimited Fatherhood Project

The Black & Unlimited Fatherhood Director’s Showcase is a national competition created to champion independent filmmaking while providing a platform to showcase a wide range of stories about Black men as fathers. From the pool of submissions, three directors have been selected to each receive industry mentorship, a $10,000 cash award, and attend and screen their films at the 2024 American Black Film Festival in Miami.

After These Messages


movie still

A single father struggling with university politics as a professor must choose between his job and his daughter whose desire to be authentically herself threatens their livelihood.

Director: Khalid Abdulqaadir | Writer: Khalid Abdulqaadir | Producers: Corey McCartney, Kevin Willmott, Talib Kweli, Khalid Abdulqaadir | Cast: Petey McGee, Sanaa Salaam

Black Santa

USA | 10:06 min

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Every year Henry looks forward to his job working as a mall Santa alongside his son Otis. But as Otis grows older, this may prove to be their last holiday season as a duo.

Director: Travis Wood | Writers: Travis Wood, Weston Auburn | Producers: Gabriela Díaz Arp, Kiah Clingman | Cast: Theo Haddon, Andrew Tull, Michael Silverblatt

It Takes A Village

USA | 13:37 min | WORLD PREMIERE

movie still

In 1960s Georgia, Lawrence Cooke prepares his son, Isaiah, for his ascension to manhood.

Director: Joshua Kissi | Writers: Joshua Kissi, Keyla McNeely | Producer: Kegan Sant | Cast: Jackson Abram, Michael Ealy, Nadine Ellis, Mccolm Cephas, Antonio Shamori Washington, Zakai Biagas-Bey, Jamald Gardner, Myron Primes, Newton N Mayenge