Black & Unlimited Fatherhood Project

The Black & Unlimited Fatherhood Project is a national competition created to champion independent filmmaking while providing a platform to showcase a wide range of stories about Black men as fathers. From the pool of submissions, three directors were selected to each receive industry mentorship, a $10,000 cash award, and the opportunity to attend and screen their films at the 2024 American Black Film Festival in Miami, June 12-16. In addition, each film will also be featured on ABFF PLAY the festival’s online global platform and Walmart’s Black and Unlimited YouTube page. The following films represent the 2024 official selection in this category:

All screening Thursday, June 13 | 4:00 pm | Miami Beach Convention Center - Screening Room 1

After These Messages


movie still

A single father struggling with university politics as a professor must choose between his job and his daughter whose desire to be authentically herself threatens their livelihood.

Director: Khalid Abdulqaadir | Writer: Khalid Abdulqaadir | Producers: Corey McCartney, Kevin Willmott, Talib Kweli, Khalid Abdulqaadir | Cast: Petey McGee, Sanaa Salaam

Black Santa

USA | 10:06 min

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Every year Henry looks forward to his job working as a mall Santa alongside his son Otis. But as Otis grows older, this may prove to be their last holiday season as a duo.

Director: Travis Wood | Writers: Travis Wood, Weston Auburn | Producers: Gabriela Díaz Arp, Kiah Clingman | Cast: Theo Haddon, Andrew Tull, Michael Silverblatt

It Takes A Village

USA | 13:37 min | WORLD PREMIERE

movie still

In 1960s Georgia, Lawrence Cooke prepares his son, Isaiah, for his ascension to manhood.

Director: Joshua Kissi | Writers: Joshua Kissi, Keyla McNeely | Producer: Kegan Sant | Cast: Jackson Abram, Michael Ealy, Nadine Ellis, Mccolm Cephas, Antonio Shamori Washington, Zakai Biagas-Bey, Jamald Gardner, Myron Primes, Newton N Mayenge