Documentary Features

Note: Screening tickets are for 1 individual Narrative Feature, Documentary Feature, Series block OR Voices of Culture block. 1 screening event per event ticket purchase.

A competitive section for nonfiction feature films directed by persons of African descent or centered on the culture and experiences of persons of African descent. Films in this category are eligible to be nominated to compete for the Jury Award for Best Documentary ($2500 cash prize). The following films represent the 2024 official selections in the Documentary Features category:

It Takes A Village: An East Van Story


Thursday, June 13 | 10:30 am | O Cinema South Beach
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The journey of two Ugandan brothers unfolds in East Vancouver highlighting the impact of community in empowering at-risk youth to triumph over adversity.

Director: Christopher Cho | Producer: Jonathan Mubanda, Christopher Cho, Stephanie Watt-Mubanda, David Mubanda, Wolfgang Klassen | Cast: Jonathan Mubanda, David Mubanda, Theresa Campbell

Who In The Hell Is Regina Jones?


Thursday, June 13 | 1:15 pm | O Cinema South Beach
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Before Rolling Stone, there was Soul Newspaper. Behind Soul, there was Regina Jones. Against all odds, Regina blazed her own path, and at 80 has found herself again.

Director: Soraya Selene, Billy Miossi | Producer: Alissa Shapiro | Executive Producers: Sam Pollard | Cast: Regina Jones, Matt Jones

King Of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones

FRANCE | 98 min

Thursday, June 13 | 4:20 pm | O Cinema South Beach
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A European filmmaker searches for the truth about her grandfather, the most famous Policy Kings of all times, who rose to the heights of financial and political prominence in Chicago in the ‘30s, despite discrimination.

Director: Harriet Marin Jones | Producer: Harriet Marin Jones | Executive Producers: Quincy Jones, Debbie Allen | Cast: Quincy Jones, Nathan Thompson, Harriet Jones, Timuel Black

A Time To Yell: More Than A Statue


Friday, June 14 | 10:30 am | O Cinema South Beach
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Former Charlottesville city council member Dr. Wes Bellamy’s impassioned activism reveals the tumultuous journey for racial justice sparked by the controversial removal of Confederate statues and leading to one of modern America’s most divisive conflicts.

Director: Eric W. Newman & Daniel B. Levin | Producer: Eric W. Newman, Daniel B. Levin & Daryl Davis | Cast: Dr. Wes Bellamy, Kristin Szakos, Eze Amos, Will Jones, Courtney Commander

Family Tree

USA | 97 min

Friday, June 14 | 7:15 pm | O Cinema South Beach
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In the American South, Black forest landowners fight to maintain their family legacy and create sustainable forests for generations to come.

Director: Jennifer MacArthur | Producer: Rupert Maconick | Cast: the Jefferies Family, the Williams Family, Sam Cook, Mavis Gragg, Alton Perry

Train: The Dick “Night Train” Lane Story


Saturday, June 15 | 4:00 pm | O Cinema South Beach
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Trace the remarkable rise of Dick Night Train Lane, from the concrete fields of the 1920s to Madden Football stardom, as he transforms from being discarded in a trash can to earning a place in the Football Hall of Fame.

Director: Eric “Ptah” Herbert | Producer: Carlos Mendez, Jennifer Karsting, Richard Lane Jr, Richard Walker, Eric “Ptah” Herbert, Mack Tompkins, Andre Mitchell, Devin Mitchell | Cast: Eric Dickerson, Ray Lewis, Warren Moon, Dick Lebeau, Rod Woodson, Dick Butkus, Leigh Steinberg, Ct Fletcher, Guy Torry, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Henry Leverette

Luther: Never Too Much

USA | 100 min

Saturday, June 15 | 7:30 pm | Miami Beach Convention Center - Screening Room 2
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Dawn Porter offers an in-depth look into the life and career of Luther Vandross as he overcomes personal and professional challenges to become one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

Director: Dawn Porter | Producer: Trish D Chetty, Ged Doherty, Jamie Foxx, Datari Turner, Leah Smith | Cast: Fonzi Thornton, Robin Clark, Carlos Alomar, Danyel Smith, Jon Platt, Ava Cherry, Seveda Williams, Nile Rodgers, Valerie Simpson, Marcus Miller, Nat Adderly Jr., Jamie Foxx, Lisa Fischer, Kevin Owens, Richard Marx, Clive Davis, Mariah Carey, Dionne Warwick, Max Szadek